Inside Chinese Paintings: how to paint the inside of a glass bottle?

Inside painting snuff bottle is a traditional Chinese folk art. Guoying Yang, born in 1964 in Hebei Province of China, has no hands and lost his left eye. He’s a researcher with the Inside Painting Research Society of Hebei Province, who was once received by President of Singapore in 1992 when he was performing the inside bottle painting, or inner-paintings, there paintings completed inside the snuff-bottles.

 inside bottle painting

Chinese disabled artist Mr. Yang is creating inside bottle painting at an exhibition prior to 2010 Shanghai World Expo

How to paint the inside of a glass bottle?
Endeavored to learn painting, pus dripping down from his remaining arms. He succeeded eventually and became a famous Chinese disabled artist.

inside painting and Chinese calligraphy art works

The inside Chinese paintings and Chinese calligraphy art works by master Yang

inside bottle painting

It took Yang one year to learn to hold the brush. It was only after two years that he began to get used to painting inside the snuff-bottles. It was also a hard time when the strength was a little stronger the snuff-bottle would be painted into a big ink blot. While if the strength is a little lighter, the brush tip would move away from the walls of the bottle and couldn’t paint anything.

It was only three years later his inner-bottle paintings began to take form. One should know that it normally takes an able-bodied half a year to learn the inner-painting in an intensive course. He was not satisfied and went on to hone his skills. Ten years later he developed his style featuring great fineness and delicacy. Now Mr. Yang has ranked among masters of inner-paintings in China with his valuable works.

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